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CAMPYLOBACTER AGAR BIOPREPARE Nutrient with the addition of 5 antimicrobials and 10% horse blood is recommended as a [...]

New chromogenic material for the isolation and differentiation of Acinetobacter and other important MDR (Multi-Drug resistant) bacteria. Available [...]


TRYPTONE SOY BROTH (TSB) 100ml BIOPREPARE Broth of general use for the growth of fastidious bacteria.

The nutrient material CHROMAGAR SALMONELLA PLUS is a new chromogenic material for the selective separation of species Salmonella spp including S. typhi, S . paratyphi and lactose (+) by other gram (-) bacteria.


The nutrient material CHROMAGAR STREP B 9cm BIOPREPARE Box / 10 is used for the color differentiation and isolation of the pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae (GBS) from other streptococci.

The nutrient material COLUMBIA W / 5% SHEEP BLOOD AGAR BIOPREPARE P / 10, combines an extremely nutritious base with fresh sheep blood. Columbia blood agar is used to grow all bacteria.

The nutrient DERMATOPHYTE TEST BIOPREPARE P / 10 when enriched with chloramphenicol and actidione becomes an eclectic material for the isolation of pathogenic fungi.

FRASER BROTH 10ml BIOPREPARE is a secondary enrichment broth for the isolation of Listeria spp. formulated in accordance with ISO 11290.

GARDNERELLA AGAR BIOPREPARE is a selective nutrient used to isolate Gardnerella vaginalis. Gardnerella Agar is incubated at 10% [...]

GLUCOSE OF MEDIUM 15ml BIOPREPARE is used to confirm Enterobacteriaceae colonies in products intended for human consumption, in [...]

The Nutrient M-ENDO 60mm BIOPREPARE was prepared in 1914 to isolate Salmonella Typhi. It was then shown to [...]


Cultivation of all aerobic bacteria and identification of hemolytic gram (+) granules. / Cultivation, isolation and identification of [...]


TRYPTONE SOY AGAR (TSA) is a general purpose tool very rich in nutrients for use in microbiological laboratories and for control environmental samples and air.

MOTILITY TEST MEDIUM (T.T.C.) 3ml P / 10 BIOPREPARE is a semi-solid nutrient used to detect bacterial motility [...]


Nutrient broth for the detection, transport and maintenance of urogenital mycoplasmas. Available in a package of 10 pieces.

The Nutrient Agar is used for the cultivation of bacteria and calculation of microorganisms in water, waste and [...]

The nutrient material XLD AGAR BIOPREPARE was introduced by Taylor in 1965 to improve the cultivation of Shigella ssp, and has proven to be an excellent medium for Salmonella ssp.

YERSINIA SELECTIVE AGAR BIOPREPARE P / 10 enriched with celfulodin and novobiocin is a differential selective material used [...]

Blood Agar , in which all aerobic bacteria grow and hemolytic gram (+) granules can be identified. Mac [...]

The SHEEP 9cm BIOPREPARE BLOOD TABLES combine a extremely nutritious base (Blood Agar Base) with fresh sheep blood [...]


Brucella Blood Agar with Vitamin K1 & Hemin used for isolation and cultivation anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens.

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