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Calcium Chloride solution is used as a supplementary reagent for various coagulation tests. Available in a vial of [...]

CHECK STIX COMBO is used to control the quality of the parameters in the general urine. Includes 25 [...]

Daily cleaner kit for Rapidchem 744. Package contains 1x50ml vial and a pack of 100 cups.

Daily cleaner kit for Rapidchem 754 and RapidPoint 340/350. Package contains 1x90ml and 6x15g vials for mixing.

Clinitek Micrualbumin reagent is used to measure urinary microalbumin in the Clinitek Status analyzer. 25 tests are included.



Kaolin Suspension is used as a supplementary reagent for various assays for the BFT II analyzer system. Available [...]

For the quantitative measurement of low concentrations of albumin, creatinine and the albumin/creatinine ratio in urine. Available in [...]

Multifibren U Reagent is a bovine thrombin reagent used in the modified Clauss determination of fibrinogen for the [...]

Reagent ready to use for the determination of the activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) in citrated human plasma. [...]

Control Plasma N is used for the assesment of the precision and analytical deviation of various analyzers in [...]

Reagent Unit for Electrolyte Analyzer Rapidchem 744.

Reagent Unit for electrolyte analyzer Rapidchem 754.

Reagent for the determination of prothrombin time (PT), and for the coagulation activity of factors II, V, VII [...]

Essential element for the operation of the ion analyzer.

Cups for the Siemens BFT series coagulation analysers. Available in a package of 500pcs.

The Multistix® 10 SG reagent strip is the reliable frontline test for detection of a broad range of [...]

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